I’m taking a break from Mafia Genealogy.

When I began writing this blog in February, I had only been studying the subject matter for a couple of years, at most. I thought, I know enough to begin, and as for the rest, I’ll grow into it. That strategy worked… for a little while.

In order to keep up the level of writing and analysis, I’m going to take off writing Mafia Genealogy for the summer. I’ll still be doing research—you can count on that—but I’ll also be taking a break from weekly posts, to concentrate on building a bigger picture of the mafia families of Corleone. (I’ll be going on vacation, too, but probably not to Cinisi.)

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Feature image of Cinisi from Wikipedia


2 thoughts on “Family time

  1. Justin, I have traced my family from Texas back to the 1600’s in Corleone, with all of the names you have mentioned in my tree somewhere. I would love to share information if you are willing.


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